See With Eyes Closed Digest

By Benjamin Hollon

A weekly digest of my new blog posts, projects, and things I'm currently working on as well as just an eensy bit of plain old fun.

A weekly digest of my new blog posts, projects, and things I'm currently working on as well as just an eensy bit of plain old fun.

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Getting started with Web Privacy - Issue #12

Even though I'll be writing two articles a week, I'll only be sending one email a week. I recommend you subscribe to my blog via RSS (what is this?) to get updates as soon as articles are posted.


What is Trust? - Issue #11

If you visit my site, you may notice that it is drastically different than it was yesterday. I launched a complete redesign for the new year, and I'm very proud of how it turned out. This design focuses on the content, trying not to distract you with bells an…


Let's Start This Over - Issue #10

I have nothing else at the moment. I'll be doing another update on Saturday, which will become the norm, but I wanted to send this one to make sure this post gets seen.


Technology Manifesto, Invisible Masks, and Reinvented Wheels - Issue #9

Vocado - I may have mentioned this in the past, but I've been enjoying reinventing the wheel lately. My website used to run using ExpressJS, an immensely popular framework for sites, but I decided to recode it myself without dependencies (read about the left-…


Stop Using Chrome. - Issue #8

Here's my semi-rant about some disturbing things I've found out lately about Chrome. This is the first article resulting from an in-depth study I'm doing of how personal information is processed on the web.


Emojis, War, and Peace - Issue #7

Here's a run-down of the new feature; how it works, why I made it the way I did, and some fun discussing Emojis. Also, it's a great place to experiment with the new feature; I think you'll like it!


Religion in Space - See With Eyes Closed Digest Issue #6

For the story I'm currently planning, I needed to build a timeline as a backstory. There really aren't very many great tools for this, so I went ahead and coded my own: Ancient Avocado.


Aliens and Dark Mode - Issue #5

Here's my research paper. A full-blown investigation of what it would mean if we found aliens. There's a bit of technical lingo in it, but it should still be simple enough to understand.


Butterfly Prophecies and a Contingency Apollo Speech - See With Eyes Closed Digest Issue #4

I've been thinking a bunch about prophecies and a story I wrote a little while ago included them, so I thought I'd put together a short article with various thoughts on prophecies and the butterfly effect. Enjoy!


A Morgue Ship, Parachute Codes, and a Dented Tuba - See With Eyes Closed Digest Issue #3

This week's post is about a neat thought I had while coding some stuff this week (don't worry, I tried to make it simple enough to understand without in-depth computer knowledge) and ends with a neat thought experiment I hope you'll enjoy.


Alarm Clocks, Potatoes, and Musical Space - See With Eyes Closed Issue #2

Well, I finally got a new post out. It's been a while. Enjoy:


See With Eyes Closed Digest - Issue #1

Anyway, despite my negligence, blog-wise, I have been busy. I redesigned my entire website from the ground up with new coding languages and with some features that I'm pretty excited about. Here's a run-down of what's changing:My emails are now coming to you …